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Company Profile

"...a pillar of the GCC's speciality coffee industry..."

Established in 2009, Nukhbat AlMarabih began its journey as a small roastery in AlKhobar, later expanding into different ventures and becoming a pillar of the GCC speciality coffee industry.

Passion and dedication are centered at the core of our company. What started as a means to enter the industry, has evolved into what we see today. 

Nukhbat Al Marabih is a company that specializes in taking the F&B industry to the next level, constantly working to beat its own standards. We are a team of creative individuals, united under the values of integrity, commitment, quality, and leadership.

Our Core Values

1. Integrity
At our company, we believe integrity goes past doing the right thing. Integrity is owning up to our actions, whether it be good or bad. We promise to hold ourselves accountable for every step we take, and we uphold to that promise through actions of candor, respect and kindness. 

2. Commitment 
We are dedicated to the success of our employees, partners, and ventures. Rolling up our selves and diving deep is how we choose to start each day, ensuring that we are giving each project our all.

3. Quality
The journey of quality starts at recruitment. We are committed to employing individuals who value quality in each aspect of their career at Marabih. Delivering quality products and services is at the top of our list. 

4. Leadership
Leadership remains to be one of our top priorities. Our mission of becoming leaders of the F&B industry starts by not being afraid to break barriers, and explore new opportunities that take our industry to the next level. 

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